AP Calculus BC

Dear Parents of AP Calculus BC students:

There will be one exception to our local requirement that students need to sit for the exam that corresponds with the course that they are taking. Students who are enrolled in AP Calculus BC will have the option of taking the AB exam instead of the BC exam for this year only. We are allowing this only because there will not be an AB sub-score on your child’s exam results this year. Mr. Bode discussed this option in a live session this afternoon and he posted a link for his students should they wish to take the AB exam instead of the BC exam. That link is also at the end of this email, but you only need to complete it once.


I expect that students who are struggling with the content and/or have been dealing with difficult home situations will be pleased to have an alternative. However, students will not be able to take both the AB and the BC exams.


Your son/daughter will still have the AP Calculus BC designation on his/her transcript.


We are on a very tight timeline with the College Board. If you choose to take the AB exams instead of the BC exam, click on this link and indicate your name and school ID. 


Link to switch from BC to AB


We need this information by midnight tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14, 2020).


If you have any questions you may contact Mr. Bode at pbode@jerichoschools.org or you may contact me directly.


Helene L. Kriegstein

Mathematics Curriculum Associate, K-12

Jericho Public Schools

(516) 203-3600 ext. 3426