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Business 23-24

Business Course Descriptions

Our Mission

Our department is dedicated to inspiring and cultivating the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We are committed to providing a comprehensive, forward-thinking business education that values creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Our curriculum is designed to offer real-world applications of business concepts, encouraging practical experiential learning and the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. We prioritize a global perspective in our teaching, equipping students with an understanding of international markets and global business strategies. We foster financial literacy and legal knowledge, ensuring students are prepared to navigate both personal and business financial landscapes effectively and ethically. Our department is committed to preparing students for their future careers, offering courses designed for specific career paths and entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe in interdisciplinary learning and technological integration, recognizing the interconnected nature of business with other fields and the crucial role of technology in modern business operations. We strive to instill strong communication skills and ethical decision-making in our students, preparing them not only for the business world but for their personal lives as well. Above all, our mission is to equip students with a well-rounded understanding of business principles and practices, ensuring they are prepared for success in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business.

Meet our department:

Nicole Izzo; Lead Teacher, Business and Marketing


Jessica Rogovitz; Business and Marketing, Work-Based Learning, Family and Consumer Science


Maria Soltan; Business and Marketing


Michael Goldin; Business and Marketing, Work-Based Learning, Family and Consumer Science



Ryan Bauer; Business and Marketing, Work-Based Learning

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Congratulations to our FBLA Nationals Winners!

Introduction to Social Media Strategies: Jaelyn Chow, Amneet Kaur, Sophia Xia, 1st place


Help Desk: Anvit Vemuri, 5th place

Healthcare Administration: Jeevan Bindra, 8th place

Business Plan: Brian Berger, 10th place


Community Service Project: Rachel Lee, Manfred Lim, Finalists


Insurance & Risk Management: Aaron Abbas, Finalist


FBLA National Leadership Conference 2023

FBLA State Leadership Conference 2023

FBLA National Leadership Conference Day 1 2022

FBLA National Leadership Conference Days 2&3 2022