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Social Studies 23-24

Welcome to the Social Studies Program

Department Goals/Objectives

The Jericho social studies program integrates the study of the humanities and the social sciences. The primary aim of the Jericho social studies program is the promotion of civic competence. Our program includes the coordinated, systematic study of such disciplines as economics, geography, history, government, psychology, religion, philosophy, and sociology, as well as appropriate content from the humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences. We help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for themselves and for the public good as members of a culturally diverse community, a democratic society, and an interdependent world. We also play an essential role in the development of historical literacy and writing skills, a fundamental component of the common core learning standards (CCLS). Among these skills are the ability to locate and cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions and to evaluate the arguments and claims in a text.

Essential to these ends is the maintenance of a social studies program that is horizontally aligned across school buildings in the district and vertically aligned throughout each grade level.

National History Day Accomplishments and Awards

Junior Division
Jericho Middle School
Jay Patel 
Individual Documentary: Pearl Kendrick, A Pioneer Researcher Who Ended a Deadly Plague 
Place: 1st in room, 2nd out of 100 in nation
Awards: The Next Generation Angels Award and The Better Angels Society 2023

Senior Division
Jericho High School
Kaitlyn Choi & Madison Choi
Group Website: The Jazz Ambassadors - Playing the Frontiers of American Diplomacy
Place: 1st in room, 1st out of 100 in nation

Henry Zhang, Ryan Wang, and Tianjiao Wang
Group Documentary: “New Deal Pioneer”- How Frances Perkins Paved the Way for Women’s Empowerment in Politics
Place: 1st in room, 2nd out of 100 in nation 

Long Island Council for the Social Studies Awards

Congratulations Alyssa Lionetti on receiving the 2023 Robert P. Flinn Award for Outstanding Untenured Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to our Curriculum Associate, Dr. Eric Sundberg on receiving the Outstanding Social Studies Supervisor of the Year award!