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Counseling Center

Counseling Center Mission Statement

The Counseling Center is committed to success for every student. Counseling services are designed to promote the behaviors, skills and mindsets that allow for emotional and social success in academic and post-secondary pursuits. We work to actively develop coping strategies and compensatory skills, allay stress through department-based initiatives (small group and individual meetings), cultivate empathy and compassionately embrace the evolving multicultural setting in which we live. Counselors actively engage with students, families, educators and the community to provide each student with support and resources to meet his or her unique needs.

Students wishing to see their counselor should schedule an appointment via email or through the secretaries in the Counseling Center. Parents are also welcome to call the Counseling Center to speak with a counselor or to schedule an appointment. The Counselors are also available on specific evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. for individual appointments. Dates are available in the district calendar.


Mr. Gregory Sloan
Curriculum Associate for School Counseling
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3336

High School Counseling Center Staff

School Counselors

School Psychologists


Mr. Brian Deaner
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3454

Dr. Wendi Goldstein
School Psychologist
(516) 203-3600 ext.3657

Ms. Christina DelPiano
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3260

Ms. Sari Grebstein
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3451

Dr. Danielle Smith
School Psychologist
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3265

Ms. Gianna Pellegrini
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3260

Ms. Eve Mangibin
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3386

Ms. Adrienne Nasser
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3453

Mr. Jason Rubinstein
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3263

Ms. Jenna Sansaricq
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3454

Mr. Di Wu
School Counselor
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3262

Social Worker

Mr. Ray Velez
School Social Worker
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3264